breakfast at tiffany's

          a couple weeks ago, i saw funny face as part of forty foot films. can i just say how much i love my saturday nights now? watching a classic...on a 40 foot, the trivia-prized questions before the beginning always keeps me on my toes! did i mention it's only 5 dollars? last week i watched breakfast at tiffany's. i didn't win a pin this time, though i knew the answer to one question. rats! i'll get em' next time.

          there's something charming about a bathtub couch. can't keep to a real cat-cat? then this plush was made for you. my favorite scene was holly & paul in the city, right after they five-finger discounted a pair of animal masks, painted here.
did you know:
  • author truman capote envisioned marilyn monroe in the part of holly golightly. monroe was originally cast as golightly, but her drama coach told her that playing a call-girl was not good for her image.
  • audrey hepburn hated danish pastries, making filming the famous opening scene a bit of a chore for her.
  • at a post-production meeting following a screening of the film, a studio executive, in reference to "moon river," said, "well, i think the first thing we can do is get rid of that stupid song." audrey hepburn stood up at the table and said, "over my dead body!"
  • about nine cats were used throughout the film as the role of cat. 
  • although it's never explained why holly is wearing a bed sheet at her cocktail party, an earlier scene (cut before release) established she'd been taking a bath and had to improvise a gown on the spur of moment. the cut scene was featured in life magazine pictorial shortly before film was released.
  • the uncredited voice of the "terrifying man" tearing up holly's apartment is actually george peppard.
  • holly golightly wears the same dresses all the way through the movie, simply changing the accessories to give each outfit a different look. her black shift dress features through the movie at least four times.

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