funny face

          last night i attended my first 40 foot films screening. if you haven't guessed already, they screened funny face! i just loved all the costume done by the lovely, edith head. the colors and art placement was impeccable. & audrey hepburn was charming as can be. here's a couple outfits from my favorite scenes. how perfect is that balloon brooch?

          must-have item here is definitely the cigarette pant. you don't lose a bit of femininity and you still feel like a lady! i won a funny face pin from a a set of trivia questions they had before the film. i feel honored to wear my funny face pin, it's a wonderful message. a 'smarvelous date all around. next week they're showing breakfast at tiffany's...i doubt i'll be able to get out of restyling that one!
did you know:

  • fred astaire's character is based on photographer richard avedon.
  • audrey hepburn filmed this back-to-back with love in the afternoon. 
  • fred astaire also starred in the original 1927 broadway version of "funny face" with his sister adele astaire. audrey hepburn's terrier appears as the dog in the basket during the "anna karenia" train shot. ditzy model marion's interest in comic books was inserted into the film to reflect actress-model dovima's real life passion for them. 
  • audrey hepburn was offered the lead role in gigi but turned it down to make this movie. audrey hepburn's agent initially rejected the film, but hepburn overrode the decision after reading the script. 
  • the little white car that dick and maggie drive to the beatnik club is called a velam isetta.
  • the audrey hepburn character was inspired by suzy parker, who made a fashionable cameo appearance in the film (her first film) in the "think pink" sequence.  

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