did you know:
1 born as zelda sayre in montgomery, alabama. changed at marriage to her husband, f. scott fitzgerald.
2 dubbed nationally as "the first american flapper."
3 she was a active writer until 27, an obsession with Ballet then ensued.
4 she has always painted but when diagnosed with schizophrenia, she painted her most.
5 zelda stirred for the main attention in montgomery's gossip by dancing the charleston and wearing flesh-colored swimwear to appear nude.
6 scott used many excerpts from her journal to model characters after zelda. she was his muse since high-school.
7 she and her husband were known as the enfants terribles of the jazz Age. dubbed by the new york papers.
8 in april 1924, she moved to paris.
9 her biography made her an icon among feminists in 1970.
10 she was inducted into the alabama women's hall of fame in 1992.

ps: happy women's history month!

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