happy women's history month! 62 today, twiggy has charmed us all with her playful-candid personality. below you'll find 10 fun facts you may or not know about her, a photo collage & dance video.  
did you know:
1 twiggy was born in north london as lesley lawson née hornby.
2 in the mid 60's at 16 years of age, twiggy became internationally known as the world's first supermodel.
3 she went on as a successful actress and singer. notable works include "my one and only" musical and the film, "my boyfriend"
4 in 1966, she was named “the face of 1966” by the daily express and voted british woman of the year.
5 she is an ardent supporter of breast cancer research, animal welfare and anti-fur campaigns.
6 her greatest influence is jean shrimpton, who twiggy considers to be the world's first supermodel
7 she was 5'6" tall, short for a model, and 110 pounds at the start of her career.
8 twiggy came from her childhood nickname 'twigs'
9 she brought out her own line of clothes called “twiggy dresses” in 1967
10 “back then i was layering three pairs of false eyelashes over my own and would paint extra ‘twigs’ on my skin underneath.” - [twiggy]'s lashes.
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