happy women's history month! today's female star is barbara eden, most known for the sitcom "i dream of jeannie." i adored almost every 60's mini dress she wore on the show. below are 10 fun facts and a photo collage.
did you know:
1 originally, they didn't want to cast jeannie as a blonde to save comparisons to bewitched; but barbara had impressed the director most.
2 born as barbara jean morehead in tuscon, arizona.
3 as a child, her mother sang many songs to her family to distract from the great depression.
4 this left a lasting impression on barbara. she began singing in churches and bands, and took acting lessons to improve her stage presence.
5 she was elected miss san francisco, as barbara huffman, in 1951.

6 her hollywood break was when a fox-studios director saw her in the play "james drury."
7 she won a tony for the broadway musical "woman of the year" in 1984.
8 jeannie's evil sister was officially known to nbc as "jeannie ii." it was barbara dressed in green with black hair.
9 "i dream of jeannie" (season 1) was the last television series to be broadcasted in black and white.
10 in the episode "how to marry an astronaut", barbara eden's cries for help from inside the champagne bottle were real. as a prank, director claudio guzmán called "lunch!" and had everyone leave the set, leaving eden trapped in the bottle. while everyone waited in a nearby hallway, the cameras kept rolling, and the resulting footage was used in the episode shown on TV.

ps: the fancy antique bottle in which jeannie called home was actually a decorative jim beam liquor decanter, which originally contained "beam's choice" kentucky straight bourbon whisky. the bottle had been decorated and painted with gold leaf by the show's art department.

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