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The Supremes

          Happy Women's History Month! I will be posting 2 posts daily instead of the usual one in its honor. Taking the icons that have shaped me and so many others. Today's focus is in the music scene. Here are none other than The Supremes. My earliest influence in preference. Below are 10 fun things about them you may or may not know. As well as a list of my favorite songs. Who was your earliest female artist influence?

1 Diana Ross, Florence Ballard & Mary Wilson are the beautiful trio that compose The Supremes.
2 They were the first all-girl group to hit number one in the charts.
3 It took 8 singles to get noticed. They were considered duds by critics.
4 Consequently, 3 singles from the same album hit the charts out of the park and then there came success.
5 Cindy Birdsong later replaced Florence Ballard.
6 After Diana Ross began on her solo career, she wrote the book "Dreamgirl: My life as a Supreme."
7 The hit movie "Dreamgirls" was adapted from the Broadway musical by the same name.
8 Mary Wilson was known as the strongest in the group, touching out battles through thick and thin.
9 The Supremes very last performance was made in London.
10 The playlist below just happens to be all the number one singles!

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