march fourth

          happy women's history month! actress, model, singer, animal rights activist. brigitte anne-marie bardot was many things, mostly i look up to her hair. it is sensational. scroll down for her famous styles and a few facts about the lady.
did you know:

1 brigitte was born in paris, france.

2 she received a david di donatello award.

3 she refused a legion of honour award.

4 brigitte is a vegetarian.

5 brigitte bardot has appeared in more than fifty motion pictures.

6 to celebrate her 72nd birthday, brigitte held a press conference to plug her wildlife foundation.

7 brigitte recorded many popular songs in the 1960's and 1970's.

8 brigette is a survivor of breast cancer.

9 she is 77 today.

10 she was marianne de france from 1970-1980, which is the bust of the most beautiful woman from the decade, and she is also the symbol of liberty and republic.



  1. I am really enjoying this series and learning new facts about some of my favorite old stars! Thanks for posting :)

    1. Oh, thank you! I am learning as well too, it's a great thing!