march nineteenth

"gratitude is riches. complaint is poverty. " 

did you know:
1 doris is the top-ranking female box-office actress of all time with 39 films to date.
2 she is founder of the doris day animal league and co-founder of actors & others for animals. (extra)
3 day produced 650 records as a singer. spending 460 weeks in the top 40 charts.
4 ella fitzgerald inspired her to take singing lessons.
5 the origin of her stage name "day" came from the very first song she performed, "day after day."
6 she ran a successful show called "the doris day show" which her husband had set up right before his death.
7 dancing was her first love. she continued until severe injury to her legs. tiny, her dog became her closest companion during this hard time.
8 doris never liked being called doris day. she thought it sounded like a stripper.
9 she now owns a cat named angel.
10 she has become the oldest artist (age 88) to score a uk top 10 with an album featuring new material.

ps: my favorite film of hers is pillow talk. watch doris day on netflix.

happy women's history month!


  1. I LOVE Doris Day! Her comedy movies from the sixties are some of my all time favorite films. She is such a terrific and under appreciated comedienne.

    Someone uploaded a video to YouTube a while ago that is a bunch of clips of her getting mad all strung together, it's priceless lol!

    1. The slap "nightmare" was my favorite! Great video, thanks for the link. She's so funny!