march second

          happy women's history month! get the low-down and the first featured ladies here. this woman is just bundles of inspiration. anyone who follows the lifestyle of the chef, julia child; is sure to win happiness.

did you know:

1 julia child did not start cooking until she was thirty-seven!

2 she was a firm believer in "people who love to, are always the best people."

3 one tall glass at water, heights to 6'2"!

4 born in pasadena, california.

5 julia met her husband while both working for the us spy agency.

6 she never attended a formal cooking school, self-taught and with the help of friends.

7 in 1949, julia and her husband paul moved to paris; where she fell in love with french cuisine.

8 in her television show, "bon apetit!" was her sign off at each ending.

9 during wwii, julia helped cook the invention, shark repellent - that is still used today.

10 her very first book was "mastering the art of french cooking"

ps: meryl streep is wonderful as the role of julia child in julie & julia.

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