did you know:
1 born as sofia villani scicolone in pozzuoli, italy. her adopted surname is a slight variation of "toren" after the swedish actress märta torén.
2 she was the first actress to win an academy award for a foreign film.
3 loren is "italy's most awarded actress", recognized by the guinness book of world records.
4 she started her career in naples at 14, she took acting classes and took on a role as an extra in a major motion picture.
5 has over 90 titles to credit.
6 nicknamed "toothpick" as a child. it was 14 when she grew out of her wildly thin figure.
7 a favorite pastime for loren is rolling her bare feet over a wooden rolling pin while watching tv.
8 known as the first woman to reuse a wine bottle as a vase.
9 hated beauty salons, did her hair and nails herself.
10 the archbishop of genoa once said that, although the vatican was against the cloning of humans, an exception might be made in her case.
"the two big advantages i had at birth were to have been born wise and to have been born in poverty. "

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