march seventh


          happy women's history month! today we're celebrating my favorite jazz female-artist, billie holiday. i am a fan of commonly-known-as-boy names for girls. find 10 fun facts about the gal below. as well as a playlist, hit the triangle button and have yourself a holiday.

did you know:
1 her real name was eleanora fagan.
2 born in philadelphia, pennsylvania and raised in harlem, new york.
3 she chose "billie holiday" because of her admiration for film star "billie dove." she was also known as "lady day."
4 the u2 song angel of harlem paid tribute to holiday.
5 enjoyed reading comic books, including captain marvel, throughout her adult life.
6 scrubbed floors in a brothel and tried to become a dancer before an audition pianist asked if she could sing.
7 a statue of holiday still stands today at the corner of lafayette and pennsylvania avenues in baltimore.
8 inducted into the grammy hall of fame for "god bless the child", "strange fruit", "lover man" , and "lady in satin"
9 inducted into the big band and jazz hall of fame in 1979 and the rock'n'roll hall of fame in 2000.
10 the 1959 "chelsea at nine" british television appearance was recorded on one of the earliest existences of videotape, and survives to this day. ironically, it was ms. holiday's last appearance before her death.

ps: still in a holiday feeling? watch "lady sings the blues" starring diana ross as billie.

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