march sixteenth

          happy women's history month! today's muse is an actress and was princess of monaco. i couldn't help but use kelly green in honor of her last name. if you haven't guess it yet, the woman of the day is grace kelly. her trademark was her poised, calm, cool and collected demeanor, and blond hair often coiffed in a bun. below you will find a a photo collage, quote, song and 10 fun facts about princess grace.

did you know:
1 born as grace patricia kelly in philadelphia, pennsylvania.
2 she won a golden globe and academy award for her hollywood-breaking film, mogambo. she won an oscar for country girl.
3 she retired as an actress at age 26 to fulfill her duties as princess grace of monaco.
4 her nickname was graciebird.
5 the very first actress to appear on a postage stamp.
6 for her 25th anniversary with prince rainier, he gave her as a gift a theater, the princess grace theater.
7 a scarf crossed under the chin and knotted at the side or nape of the neck is called a "grace kelly".
8 grace kelly didn't like her hand and her fingers, she often wore gloves to cover them up.
9 while pregnant with her first child, grace often used her hermes bag to hide her baby belly from the paparazzi. the company nicknamed that bag "the kelly bag."
10 her favorite flowers were roses. after her death, prince rainier of monaco opened a public rose garden in monaco.

ps: just for fun- i added grace kelly by mika, which features several sound clips from her film "country girl."


  1. She retired when she was 26!?! Ugh just one more reason to be jealous of her, lol :)

    1. I know, right? She wasn't even a child actor! And even though she's done only about 10 names to credit, she still gets the title as one of the best actresses to date :)