happy women's history month! coco chanel was the star in 1920's elegant and simple style that carries on timelessly. below you will find 10 fun facts and a clothing collage inspired by her brand.

did you know:
1 she was born as gabrielle bonheur chanel in saumur, france.
2 her mother was a laundrywoman and her dad was a street peddler.
3 she attended the catholic monastery in aubazine where she was taught the art of sewing.
4 when without seamstress employment, gabrielle would sing in a cabaret frequented by cavalry officers.
5 "coco" derived from an allusion to the french word for kept woman: cocotte.
6 the concept of "the little black dress" originated by coco, the first was long-sleeves, crèpe de chine and thin silk.
7 it is said she also innovated costume jewelry as the always appropriate accessory.
8 another trend made popular by chanel was "sun bathing."
9 her lover, who died before the relationship had an end, gave chanel the head-start she needed with her hats and an apartment in paris.
10 the most known chanel creation was the chanel suit, originally made in jersey wool. a cardigan jacket, low-heeled shoes and a pleated skirt paired with a low-belted pullover composed this look.

ps: want to know more? watch "coco before chanel" starring the lovely audrey tatou.

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