march third


          happy women's history month! one of the funniest women this world has come to known. my grandmother doesn't speak a word of english but she would get hysterical watching the show. if someone can make you laugh simply through the act of empathicalism, you know they're funny! turn on the tv land and have yourself a 'ball' with i love lucy!

did you know:
1 in b&w some guessed lucille ball as a blonde, but she was a redhead.
2 lucy was born in jamestown, ny.
3 she was married to co-star desi arnaz for 20 years.
4 lucy was the first woman ever to own her own film studio.
5 lucille ball was first a model before she became an actress.
6 "here's lucy" and "the lucy show" were two additional shows she made after "i love lucy"
7 after 2 decades trying to be a movie star, lucille was 40 when she made her first break into hollywood.
8 lucy was not only the chesterfield cigarette girl, but also a ziegfield girl and goldwyn girl.
9 lucy is in the national women's hall of fame, which includes just one other tv star.
10 lucy was a big fan of betty white and 'the golden girls,' and appeared with white on various versions of the game show 'password.' lucy's mother, dede, was a close friend of betty white's mother, tess.

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