happy women's history month! today's lady is none other than miss monroe. her movies almost always leaves my in such a giddy-and-silly mood. lift your spirits and pop in a film of hers today; or take a stop at your local theater & watch my week with marilyn starring michelle williams. below you will find 10 fun facts, a photo collage & playlist.
did you know:
1 born as norma jeane mortenson in los angeles, california 1926.
2 spent most of her childhood in foster homes. she had amused herself by pretending that clark gable was her father.
3 she received a golden globe award for her performance in some like it hot and a nomination for bus stop.
4 marilyn monroe productions released the prince and the showgirl, for which she received a bafta nomination and won a david di donatello award.
5 she encountered 2 sexual assaults as a child, another contribution to her relocating.
6 it was her mother's best friend and temporary guardian that told marilyn she'd be a movie star. she took her to movies dressed up.
7 marilyn monroe's name came from her mother's maiden name and resemblance to performer marilyn miller.
8 during unemployment transitioning from model to actress, she was crowned the first "miss ca artichoke queen" at the annual artichoke festival.
9 she supported herself by posing nude until was signed to columbia, then fox.
10 in monroe's last interview she pleaded with a reporter to end the article with the following quote: "what i really want to say: that what the world really needs is a real feeling of kinship. everybody: stars, laborers, negroes, jews, arabs. we are all brothers. please don’t make me a joke. end the interview with what i believe."
"do i look happy? i should — for i was a child nobody wanted. a lonely girl with a dream — who awakened to find that dream come true. i am marilyn monroe. read my cinderella story." - true experiences magazine 1952

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