did you know:
1 she has been in 84 titles.
2 born as jane mallory birkin in london, england.
3 has a bulldog named dora.
4 daughter of actress judy campbell and lieutenant-commander david birkin.
5 1965 she had been chosen to play in a musical comedy "passion flower hotel" by john berry.
6 "di doo dah", her first solo album, was released in 1973.
7 serge gainsbourg, who later became her husband, met her at a french audition. she broke down from pressure, not knowing much french, and got the part.
8 jane has two children: charlotte gainsbourg with serge gainsbourg, and lou doillon with jacques doillon.
9 birkin's humanitarian interests led her to work with amnesty international on immigrant welfare and aids issues. she has visited bosnia, rwanda, palestine and israel.
10 hermès was seated next to birkin on a flight from paris to london. she explained how she couldn't find a leather bag she liked and that's why she had a straw bag. he created a light supper leather bag for her and later named it the birkin bag. both the straw bag and hermès bag became her signature accessories.
(source: tbd)

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