a beautiful story of street performer turned french star. watch la vie en rose if you haven't already!

did you know:
1 she was born as edith giovanna gassion in belleville, france.
2 later known as "la môme piaf" which translates to "the kid sparrow."
3 grew up on the streets and was discovered there too by louis leplée.
4 famous french playwright and director, jean cocteau, wrote "le bel indifferent" based on edith piaf. her first acting role.
5 from the age of three to seven, piaf was allegedly blind as a result of keratitis.
6 at 17, she had her only child, a girl named marcelle, who died of meningitis at age two.
7 leplée had been killed by mobsters with previous ties to piaf.
8 she had a string of temporary lovers.
9 she was denied a funeral mass by the roman catholic archbishop of paris because of her lifestyle, still her funeral procession drew tens of thousands of mourners onto the streets of paris and the ceremony at the cemetery was attended by more than 100,000 fans.
10 marion cotillard played edith piaf in the 2007 french film "la vie en rose."


  1. She has one of the most powerful voices ever, in my opinion - just beautiful! And such a tragic life, La Vie En Rose is an amazing movie

    1. I agree! She hardly needs a microphone.

      I love Marion Cotillard's dedication to the role. Shaving her hairline back and eyebrows off, in my opinion that was the most-convincing performance of an older role!