did you know:
1 carmen miranda was 5 feet tall.
2 her nickname in the business was 'the brazilian bombshell'
3 in the 1940s, she was the highest paid performer in the US.
4 she was one of the five commemorated as a latin music legend via stamp.
5 carmen was given her stage name by her father, who was a fan of bizet's opera "carmen".
6 born as maria do carmo miranda da cunha in marco de canaveses, portugal.
7 she is considered the precursor of brazil's tropicalismo.
8 before she was a samba singer & dancer, she was a hat-maker.
9 carmen has her own hollywood square named after her.
10 her last performance was on the jimmy durante show, she fell to her knees during breaks, but finished the show with the audience unaware of her troubling state. she died from a heart attack that same night.

(at the beginning of her success) "i say 20 words in english. i say money, money, money, and i say hot dog! i say yes, no and i say money, money, money and i say turkey sandwich and i say grape juice."

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