my friend, emily, had shared this speech with me today. it's a screenwriting speech, but i feel that any human can relate. especially those attempting to be and/or are in the art industry. as i was listening to this speech, i wasn't so much connected to the idea of what it was i wanted to create for my work, but who it was that i wanted to become.

my personal favorite highlights:

"i'm just telling you off the bat that i don't know anything. if there's anything that characterizes my writing, i always start from that realization."

"i write screenplays for a living, but it's not what i am--i'm not those things. i'm a person who does this and i struggle with it."

"you may never get those 2 hours back, but hey-- you'll never get any 2 hours back."

"say who you are. really say it in your life and in your work."

"i wouldn't give it up for certainty because when you're certain, you stop being curious."

"allow yourself the freedom to change as you discover."


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