i can not recall the number of times i cried during this film. i think what made counting impossible was right before the moment where i felt almost composed, something would hit me and blend all the tears together. usually in other movies it's the one big cry or teary-eyes here and there for me, but not with this one. no way mister. these were cries that wrinkled my skirt.

          you might think i didn't enjoy this but that is quite contrary. i felt so moved. it was incredible. i believe my 10-year-old-poor-but-happy-island-girl part of my life resonated most with this film. there was also the tough (but blatantly loving) father.

          this film is so real and surreal, the way they intertwined the story with the child's fantasy was magic. my favorite scenes were with the mother, especially the scene with the stove. that was simply beautiful.


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