tadaaa! i have finally finished my surprise blog makeover! it wasn't until now that i realized how it so very much needed one. starting tomorrow i will be posting quite frequently again due to all my excitement.

to celebrate with my readers: i am giving away 6 ad spaces to the first 6 that comment and meet two requirements: you must leave your email address as a form of contact and you must follow this blog (no funny business about the follow either)! the first to comment gets the tippity-top! all ads must be 130 pixels wide and no larger than 130 pixels in height. this idea was graciously inspired by the tiny little buffalo. ready, set, go!

& to celebrate with myself i can't think of a better way then re-watching my favorite audrey film, funny face. cheers!



  1. oh yay! I'm glad I inspired you to do that! I would be honored to steal that first top spot please :]

  2. Hey, I'd love to have a button on your cute blog. Sign me up! :)

    Et tu, tutu?

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