i was super-pleased with the results of this diy project! i already had all the materials from other school + work crafts, but i can imagine this can work well under 10 dollars. *this is an illusion headboard. no previously-purchased headboard necessary. 

you will need: paint samples, a brush, painter's tape and cabbage. (how neat is this cabbage stamp?)

first step: tape your desired-size headboard to your wall (i like to go a few inches below the mattress line since most beds sink).

second step: take your cabbage and cut a flat edge to make your paint stamp (i used various sized cuts from the same cabbage for my head board).

third step: paint your stamp & press! feel free to use various colors. another good idea is to test out your stamp on practice paper to make sure you like the print.

fourth step: paint in your background lightly. (i think omitting spaces, to compliment the flowers, looks better.)

& voilà! a prettier and personal home is yours!



  1. love this! im actually moving to a new apartment and have been looking for a headboard and mayble ill try that!
    (giveaway on my blog!)

  2. whoa! that headboard is amaaazing!!

  3. Oh this looks so great!! Love the tutorial, thanks for sharing!