the green jacket
(inspired by this amazing window display!)

                           romantics anonymous is a french love-story about two shy people who fall in love. i was reminded that this movie has been on my list by kate gabrielle. for those with netflix, add it to your queue! i knew as the opening song played (the one above), i would love the film. the sound of music references were adorably priceless. it was difficult to watch at first because i painfully related to the female in the film, hopelessly romantic and in love with chocolate. i remember thinking once upon a time and ever too often, "if i just keep quiet, things will work." a very similar thought that was expressed in the film. i was comforted by the male having his own set of anxious quirks too, versus other films i have seen where the male is the stronger one and balances the relationship. these introverts meet by working together. the girl goes to anonymous meetings for "emotionals" and the boy goes to a therapist. he hires her in his close-to-bankrupt chocolate company. together these sentimentalists make a team and it works. that gives me hope.