i've officially launched my halloween collection in my new shop! it's been less than 24 hours and i have already made my first sale :')

          if you like mermaids, bunnies, skeletons and cats - go check it out! i also feel that you can wear these dresses all year if you'd like. just the other night, on FNO, i sported my favorite one.

modcloth: skirt, shoes, socks | my etsy shop: mermaid dress


ps: for a limited time (until 10/2) recieve $20 0ff your first order on modcloth.
pps: use the coupon code MIGNON for 10% off my etsy store :)


  1. wow that's crazy! Look at all the cute options!
    I really like the basic silhouette! I think I like the bunny the best the ears are so cute......the skeleton is a close second. Awesome