• my san diego baseball shirt i found in the little girls section of a thrift store. now all i need is a long tulle skirt (which i'm hoping to win via kittybuck's giveaway), a couple of tickets to a padres games, and peanuts and cracker jack of course.
  • i was so happy to receive these shoes and socks in the mail this week. they make a lovely pair. also, that's my diy pretty painted headboard.
  • one of my favorite perks of attending a fno party was free cupcakes! i decorated my dark chocolate one with blonde sugar, chocolate sprinkles and small flowers.
  • i received these 3 lovely prints from kate gabrielle of scathingly brilliant via her $1 sale last week. i still have them in the pretty little envelope. i have yet to find the perfect spot for display.
  • the ronettes! i was happy to see them in my pre-ordered rookie yearbook from rookiemag. i feel another music post coming, much like this one.
  • this was one of my favorite desserts i've had in a while...cappucino flan with fruit and red wine syrup, a match made in heaven really.
  • free mani with a little requested sparkle plus my currently-reading book.
  • typical dinner and movie night with myself. salmon, cheese, fruit and a movie to match my hand reference. can you guess what movie i watched/am referencing?

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  1. Those shoes and socks<3 :)
    Merrily Merrily,


    1. I'm surprised you didn't get the movie reference :P

  2. 1. Do you live in San Diego? Because I do, and I barely ever find anyone who does.
    2. I love love love love love scathingly brilliant.
    3. I also love Rookie mag.

    Lovely post :)


    1. I do live in San Diego! I know what you mean! I will visit you right now :)


  3. Such lovely mix of photos <3