hello! i have been on quite the hiatus, yet again! i am still daydreaming as usual, as you can see with this very post. my businesses have been keeping me busier and my mind has been a little bit happier. i am in my very first home, one without dependency or at-first-strangers (though a lot of those room mates were fun and are going to be my friends for a long time). i'm just so ready for this new chapter to begin. what are your 2013 highlights so far?

items via modcloth: dress / hat / shoes


  1. definitely using that link! Those strapped shoes are killer.

  2. wow that's exciting congratulations :)
    glad to see that you are doing well, and nice to see some fun modcloth items :)

  3. This dress is solo dope! Love it!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme