Welcome Back

Hello! Has it really been over 3 years? Since I tend to do most things by threes for reasons unknown, I figured now is better time than any to call off my unannounced hiatus. I can't really explain why I stopped doing the things I enjoyed a few years back. It was a sudden feeling and much like now, I suddenly feel ready to do it all again.

I want to sew using broken materials like I had imagined nearly 10 years back. I want to show people how they can do it too. I want to learn as much as possible and see as much as possible in between. I'm 26 and I'm not exactly sure how the fire in me rekindled between 22 and now but I'm going with it. It sounds cheesy but it's true, thank you for being here.

For now I want to list all the past blogs I'm happy to have posted:

1. Mothers & Fathers

2. I felt very inspired by all the research that went into my women's month series but these few where I painted over the past images were among my favorites: Marianne Faithfull, Jean Seberg and Elizabeth Taylor.

3. You can tell by my Pierrot Le Fou post that it is easily my favorite film. I put similar detailed effort in my post about Moonrise Kingdom too.

4. Funny Face hits home for me and in my first outfit post ever, I wear something similar to Jo Stockton's opening scene. This second and last outfit post perfectly shows how timid I was about the whole thing, something I hope to get more comfortable with this year. Also I loved my wall then, it was a ripped Picasso edition Life magazine I bought for a dollar at a yard sale.

5. Now you may have noticed how I painted the frames above, I had such a small budget but I enjoyed the challenge. In this DIY Painted Headboard I use the same paint samples, some masking tape and a sliced cabbage to make my room a little less dull.

6. I hope to make more helpful-in-some-small-way posts like these in the future: Be Okay in Loneliness, Writing Letters and my personal favorite (perhaps not so helpful for day to day) is How to be a Spy and Famous Women Spies.

7. These whole peach pies are bloody fantastic. I still use this as my go-to sweet treat to share with friends. There's something so satisfying and cute about the whole thing.

8. I still very much identify with this design philosophy: Style with a dash of gamine, a bit of Lolita, a well-developed sense of humor.

9. This 17 smiles post is almost too much for my blushing cheeks to handle.

10. Miroslava will always be my top fashion icon. Love love love her!

11. Goals : 1930 photo of bad ass girls in different collars is cooler than I'll ever be.

12. This post of two different bloggers wearing my creations makes it clear to me that I need to continue creating, it brings me joy.

13. Bow-chicka-wowow

14. I really do want to paint someone something like this someday.

15. Sometimes I get in these moods that is best described as pink.

16. As much as I love dressing up, I enjoy a good dress down too.

17. With February just around the corner, I think I will try these old designs out. The red and white one is calling my name!

Seventeen things in the year '17. I have a good feeling about you.


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  2. You look very pretty!


  3. I took a long break from my blog too before and am now back full time =)

    Rina Samantha

    1. That's very encouraging to hear, welcome back to you too Rina! ♡